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Business Continuity Management

Business continuity management is essential in today's world. According to a 2013 Ernst & Young survey on the global state of information security, business continuity and disaster recovery, these three disciplines have converged, and disruption tolerance time is shrinking from hours to minutes to nanoseconds. The philosophy of the Quality Triad, confirmed that, all parties (customer-employee-shareholders), have high expectations of companies in a crisis situation. Companies must ensure that they remain operational regardless of the conditions in which they must operate.

Nowadays, there are several factors that can jeopardize your operations. In the past, companies focused their recovery efforts mainly based on internal factors. Today’s organizations however face many external factors, very often on a global scale, over which they have little to no control, but where their customers, employees and shareholders have high expectations. External factors such as acts of terrorism, protests, pandemics, fire, transportation issues, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, key man loss, shortage of raw materials, and a myriad of others are all distinct possibilities. Each event comes with its own special set of circumstances and can impact your operations anywhere from minutes to months. Is your business well positioned to meet these types of challenges?

Studies show that the more prepared an organization is, the better its response to the crisis will be, and the more quickly it will be back to business. Solutions Flexibilis offers support services in coaching you through crystalizing your business continuity strategy, helping you develop your continuity plans, training your crisis team, executing disaster simulations and injecting discipline by implementing a process requiring continuous reviews of all of the above. Organizations and their processes are in constant evolution, and the key to having a solid plan is to develop one that’s timely, effective, clear, easy to execute and well communicated. We offer a completely customized approach to ensure that the ins and outs of the challenges that you may face can be met with a high degree of preparedness.

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Operational Readiness Simulations
Crisis simulations are essential for stress testing your processes, ensuring all value added activities are on your critical recovery path, bringing your one dimensional action plans to life and ensuring that all associates are informed and accounted for. It is a huge mistake not to practice and continually refine the plans based on the learnings.

Leading the creation of this body of work requires specialized training, lots of practice and methodical planning. Clear guidelines and very specific communication channels and messages need to be established well in advance of when you need to use them. This is not a time to improvise or approximate as both will cost you time and money, and the situations can quickly deteriorate and become even more chaotic. The exercises take many forms depending on the needs and issues of the organization, such as contracting with third parties to secure emergency workspaces, conducting exercises in the field, etc.

The objectives of the test scenarios are shared with management and the Crisis team prior to execution. Details of the exercise are kept confidential, and then simulated chaos ensues. How will your operation weather the storm, and can your plan walk the talk?

Operational Crisis Management
The very nature of a crisis is that it’s urgent, catastrophic and often unforseen. Suddenly, there are a slew of critical decisions that need to be taken and then executed in rapid succession, to deal with circumstances that you have never faced before. What’s your plan of action and who’s in charge? Suddenly here’s a whole suite of full time jobs that creep up, depending on the criticality of the incident, and you may find yourself without the necessary bandwidth or proper skillsets internally to rise to the challenge.

Solutions Flexibilis staffs professionals to work with you if and when you should find yourself in such unfavorable circumstances. This will allow your resources to focus on getting your business back on track as quickly as possible by making the best use of their expertise.

Corporate moves and Operational readiness
Is the thought of a successful relocation difficult to conceive? What kind of skillsets does this type of undertaking even require to execute this successfully and who do you assign these responsibilities to? How much preparation time does this require? Can I get a checklist of what to do, who to call and when? Do you dream about leaving your old office on Friday afternoon and being up and running in your new locale on Monday morning, with no impact on your customers? This dream scenario could be a very real possibility with the help of Solutions Flexibilis.

Our consultants can be deployed where you need them and will work to guide you through your corporate move. As businesses do not move every year, internal resources are often poorly equipped to get through this type of transition, while keeping the day-to-day operations running. Our highly experienced team will work to make this Monday morning scenario as seamless as possible.

Corporate projects
Given the size and scale, non-core function expertise required and/or confidential nature of some projects, contracting with an external resource can help you achieve success in reaching critical milestones while keeping business as usual running smoothly.

Solutions Flexibilis offers a suite of professional services to manage and coordinate your projects, both large and small, whether strategic or operational in nature, both domestically and/or abroad, with priority one being to understand your objectives and execute a strategy in harmony with your corporate culture and values.

Services Offered:

Business optimization

  • Performing business diagnostics
  • Partnering to develop and implement process optimization
  • Implementing ISO standards
  • Coaching, mentoring and training

Business continuity

  • Developing, documenting and implementing continuity management programs
  • Developing, executing and providing feedback on continuity exercises
  • Providing crisis management support
  • Managing and providing support for corporate projects (short, medium and long term initiatives)
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Our Values:

Our Values

In today's world, it is essential that businesses be « flexible », meaning reading to take on different challenges it might face. Our consultants at Solutions Flexibilis will help you to develop and implement continuity management programs, develop, execute and provide feedback on continuity exercises, provide crisis management support and corporate move support and manage and provide support for corporate projects.