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Business process optimization

Business process management is essential in today’s corporate environment. In Lean and Six Sigma studies, the principle of the Quality Triad, (customers – employees – shareholders) is that each player holds high expectations, and the goal is to optimize each of their experiences. The business processes have to be enhanced continuously given that the environments in which we operate are in constant evolution.

Business Diagnostic, Where do we start?
With a proper diagnostic of course!

The team at Solutions Flexibilis will work with you to establish priorities, perform a current state analysis, identify gaps, set milestones, implement a solution, measure the end result and set up a process for ongoing maintenance.

Performing a business diagnosis prior to diving in helps ensure that you stay on course, and we employ several methods to achieve this:
  • Evaluating of value versus non value added activities
  • Performing the evaluation in the context of ISO or other standards such as a Baldridge assessment
  • Developing a self-assessment guide
  • Analyzing customer complaints
  • Doing the “Gemba Walk” (walking the “shop floor” and following a process through from A to Z)

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Business process optimization is the foundation to continued success

Although processes within a functional area may be well executed and defined, often the touch points and/or interactions upstream and downstream are not fluid. Solutions Flexibilis bases its approach on LEAN (DMAIC) principles, the objective being to eliminate or minimize non value added activities and prioritize optimizing tasks that are of value to your customers.

The golden rule and therefore desired outcome is that employees ensure that the majority of their working time is devoted to providing value to customers.

Further, this question must remain at the forefront of their thinking with the goal to continually improve upon the ratio of time spent on versus off task.

From diagnosis to development of a plan, to its execution and maintenance, Solutions Flexibilis is there to guide you.

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Distinguish yourself from the competition through Implementation of industry and quality standards!

Our experts will guide you through implementing international standards such as ISO or others according to your needs. Standards help companies focus their energies by target critical customer focused business processes, set expectations and facilitate communication.

Here are some examples of industry standards that we can help you comply with, amongst others:

Mentoring your team We also offer mentoring services to help develop tomorrow’s leaders, process and program champions in management, continuous improvement and business continuity.

Services Offered:

Business optimization

  • Performing business diagnostics
  • Partnering to develop and implement process optimization
  • Implementing ISO standards
  • Coaching, mentoring and training

Business continuity

  • Developing, documenting and implementing continuity management programs
  • Developing, executing and providing feedback on continuity exercises
  • Providing crisis management support
  • Managing and providing support for corporate projects (short, medium and long term initiatives)
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Our Values:

Our Values

At Solutions Flexibilis, our consultants will optimize your business by our different services. First by perfoming an adequate business diagnosis, then by developing and implementing process optimization, through coaching, mentoring and training!